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The KRÜGER GROUP’s solution-oriented and fair trade sustainability program, which considers the entire cocoa supply chain: From the living conditions of farmers to eco-friendly farming methods and the end product.


Our complete production process is coupled with regular, qualified laboratory tests and sensory controls. Appropriately trained and qualified specialists as well as certified standards guarantee our customers the implementation of their high requirements. This enables us to deliver cocoa and chocolate semi-finished products in the agreed organic quality to our customers.
In addition to the selection of suitable raw materials and efficient quality management, the technological standard of the production facilities is crucial for the manufacture of high-quality cocoa and chocolate semi-finished products.


To us, “Shaping the future of good taste” means: through our combined efforts, customers can experience the highest level of enjoyment – today and in the future. However, this can only be achieved if we think and act sustainably. In the KRÜGER GROUP’S first Sustainability Report, we present our sustainability status for the reporting year 2021.


Besides suitable raw materials and an efficient quality management, the technical standard of the production facilities is the key for the manufacturing of high-quality semi-finished cocoa- and chocolate-products. Over decades we have built up a huge knowledge in the field of cocoa production which is until today brought into the development of the ultramodern technology of our production facilities.
It starts with the roasting and manufacturing of the cocoa with two methods in two factories and it ends with a sufficient storage capacity for liquid cocoa and chocolate semi-finished products. A team of experienced and skilled own employees takes care of the maintenance and repair of our machines in order to keep the technical standard on this high level.

Fuchs & Hoffmann Kakaoprodukte GmbH
In der Kolling 100 | Am Zollstock 3
66450 Bexbach | Germany

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